My Nomination Video

A complete transcript, including notes for the visually impaired, is below:

[Notes for the visually impaired are in Square Brackets, like this line]

[Rob is seated in a chair with a full-sized headset on]

Hi, and thanks for looking at my nomination video.   Firstly I have to apologise
for this great big headset, but unfortunately my office has terrible acoustics,
and it sounded like I was in an echo chamber when I was trying to record this!

Anyway, my name is Rob Thomas, and if you're thinking 'Hey, that name sounds
familiar', then I should first clarify who I'm NOT.  I'm not the singer Rob
Thomas, although I do enjoy Karaoke. I'm also not the Producer and Director
Rob Thomas, who made Veronica Mars and iZombie.

[Brief images of the singer, and characters from the two shows
mentioned appeared over Rob's shoulder]

I am, however, Rob Thomas from Cisco, Rob Thomas that created FreePBX, Rob
Thomas from VyOS, and Rob Thomas that cares about the security and integrity
of the Internet.

[Brief images of the Cisco Logo, the FreePBX user interface, and
the VyOS logo appeared over Rob's shoulder]

[There are no more images over Rob's shoulder, and it is back
to the original view]

I've decided to put my hand up for a position on the the APNIC board because
I believe that we, the people that run the networks in the Asia Pacific region,
are close to the tipping point of getting valid ROAs on a majority of the networks
in our region, and I feel that APNIC needs to start pro-actively reaching out to
network owners and helping them get set up with RPKI and ROAs.

Historically, we've been pretty lucky with only a few accidental route hijackings in
our region, but that's what it has been - luck. We only have to look at the last 24
months globally to see that some misconfigurations, accidents, or possibly NOT 
accidents, have caused significant problems for some networks, that could have
been mitigated or avoided if those networks had valid ROAs.

In fact, if you look at our statistics in RPKI Viz, you'll see that (as of today,
the 20th of Feb) APNIC has 12,241 valid ROAs, which is not that far behind ARIN,
with 17 thousand. We're less than half the size, but have 70% of the Route Origin
Authorizations! That's something we should be proud of.

So, if you have any further questions, please feel free to hit me up as xrobau on
any social media or instant message platform, I'm pretty much on all of them, or
xrobau at gmail.

[The url appears over Rob's shoulder]

[Hints to various methods of contacting Rob also appear, scrolling
'/u/xrobau', '', 'Skype xrobau' and '@xrobau', the
last of which is indicating twitter]

You can also go to and ask questions there. Thanks very
much for your time!

[The url fades out, and the video finishes]